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Home and Garden


Furnishing Your Home and Garden in Style

Furniture is a key investment when decorating any home or outdoor living area. The right pieces can pull together your design aesthetic for years of functionality and enjoyment. This guide covers what to consider when shopping for indoor furnishings, outdoor patio sets, lawn seating, and more.

Indoor Furnishings

When buying living room, bedroom or dining sets, start by measuring your space and openings like doorways to ensure a proper fit. Also factor in traffic flow through the room and allow adequate space to move around.

Based on your interior decor, choose furniture styles and materials that complement your color scheme and theme – from modern metallic to farmhouse wood to tufted leather. Prioritize multifunctional pieces like storage ottomans and convertible sectional sofas to maximize smaller spaces.

Examine wood joints and upholstery seams for quality and durability. For family homes, look for stain-resistant, easy-clean fabrics that can withstand heavy use.

Outdoor Pieces

Measure your patio or deck when shopping for outdoor dining sets, seating groups, and more. Water-resistant woods like teak along with aluminium or wicker withstand weather well but still require occasional maintenance.

Look for all-weather wicker, rust-resistant aluminium frames, and removable, washable cushions and pillows for easy care. Also check the construction quality of frames, table tops, fabric ties, and moving parts.

Space-saving ideas like foldable bistro sets, bench seating with hidden storage, and adjustable conversation sets work beautifully in compact outdoor areas.

Lawn and Garden Seating

Enhance garden landscapes with benches, swings, hanging chairs, and decorative stools made of stone, metal, plastic, or acid-treated woods. Position them strategically to create cozy nooks for relaxing amidst the greenery.

For lawn seating, portable folding chairs, lightweight sledges, and hammocks allow moving them around the yard or packing away seasonally. Incorporate weatherproof, mildew-resistant cushions for optimal comfort.

Investing in well-constructed, stylish indoor and outdoor furniture tailored to your space ensures lasting use and enjoyment for years to come – while seamlessly tying together your home decor.

Choosing Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Appliances account for over 20% of household energy bills on average. Whether renovating your kitchen or replacing aging appliances, choosing ENERGY STAR certified models saves substantially on electricity costs over years of use without compromising performance.


Look for units with the ENERGY STAR label indicating at least 10% more efficiency than standard models. Key features to help save energy include variable speed compressors that adjust cooling levels based on usage, evaporator fan motors using less electricity, and improved door seals preventing cold air leaks.


ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers use advanced sensors and flow control devices to reduce water and energy usage while still providing complete cleaning and drying. Additional sound dampening features also make many new dishwashers ultra-quiet.

Clothes Washers

New efficient front and top loading clothes washers cut water usage by over 30% while using advanced motors, detergent dispensers and tub designs to maximize cleaning in lower volumes. Most also allow adjusting settings based on load size.

Clothes Dryers

Moisture and temperature sensors combined with auto-shutoff in modern heat pump dryers not only reduce energy consumption by 20-60% but also prevent over-drying and excessive heat damage to fabrics. ENERGY STAR models also vent indoors to prevent outdoor heat loss.

Ovens and Ranges

Improved insulation, precise thermostat controls and interior halogen lighting help today’s ovens and electric stovetops achieve the 20-30% higher cooking efficiency required for ENERGY STAR rating, without any difference in cooking performance.

Incorporating ENERGY STAR certified appliances optimizes energy savings and efficiency in any home without compromising convenience or usability. And many utilities even provide rebates for installing specific high-efficiency appliance models.