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Image of Adaptor


Compatible Models: 732102

Image of Floorhead Securing Screw

Floorhead Securing Screw

Compatible Models: 720503, 720504

Image of Pre-Motor Filter Cover

Pre-Motor Filter Cover

Compatible Models: 73230, 73231, 73232

Image of Goblet


Compatible Models: 403020, 403021, 403032

Image of Filter (Lime)

Filter (Lime)

Compatible Models: 47054

Image of Mains Adaptor Charger & Base

Mains Adaptor Charger & Base

Fits Model 70385

Image of Mains Adaptor

Mains Adaptor

Mains adaptor for 732004 Supervac Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Image of Exhaust Filter (Circular)

Exhaust Filter (Circular)

Compatible models: 73280, 73281, 73282, 73284, 73285, 73286, 73288