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Image of Cookworks 1.5L Blender - White

Cookworks 1.5L Blender - White

Create smoothies, soups and sauces in seconds with this Cookworks blender. Its pulse function ensures you get the smoothest of smoothies and the safety lock keeps the mixture securely inside. Cram it full of leafy veg and luscious fruit for a bit of a...

Image of Cookworks 1.5L Compact Slow Cooker - Black

Cookworks 1.5L Compact Slow Cooker - Black

Say goodbye to rushed ready-meals and hello to tasty slow-cooked food. Throw in your ingredients in the morning and after work youll have a delicious homemade meal waiting for you with minimal effort required; How good does that sound; Its 1.5 litre capacity...

Image of Cookworks 1.5L Deep Fat Fryer - White

Cookworks 1.5L Deep Fat Fryer - White

Rustle up some fried family favourites with this Cookworks deep fat fryer. It comes complete with a cooking time guide (within the instructions) so you can get the best results every time. The fryer has a safe-lock lid for peace of mind and an adjustable...

Image of Cookworks 1.5L Glass Blender - White

Cookworks 1.5L Glass Blender - White

This Cookworks glass blender is quite the smooth operator. Go smoothie, milkshake and soup-making crazy as this blender friend features strong stainless-steel blades to blast through even the toughest of ingredients. So, whether youre concocting a smoothie,...

Image of Cookworks 1.5L Rice Cooker - Black

Cookworks 1.5L Rice Cooker - Black

Enjoy precisely cooked rice every time with the Cookworks rice cooker. Say goodbye to standing over the hob checking your rice isnt burning and the water isnt boiling over the side of the pan. Theres no more worrying about timings, as this cooker promises...

Image of Cookworks 21L Mini Oven

Cookworks 21L Mini Oven

When youre short on space but still want the results of a standard oven, the Cookworks mini oven is the ideal solution. Itll be right at home in your holiday home, your caravan, your motorhome and even at student digs; Pies, cakes, casseroles; whatever...

Image of Cookworks 23L Mini Oven

Cookworks 23L Mini Oven

Step aside full-sized ovens, hogging all the space in the kitchen; Here comes the compact, mini oven, your smaller, more energy efficient counterpart; It sits nicely on the worktop, doing exactly what a large oven does but in miniature form; Its 23-litre...

Image of Cookworks 28L Mini Oven with Hob

Cookworks 28L Mini Oven with Hob

Clear the kitchen counter and make way for the Cookworks mini oven with hob. With a large and small hotplate, its just as good as a main oven but far more compact; Its large 28-litre capacity is great for generous lunches and plentiful dinners. You can...

Image of Cookworks 2 Bowl Steamer - White

Cookworks 2 Bowl Steamer - White

Cooking healthier doesnt have to cost the earth. For simple, straightforward steaming, this Cookworks steamer will cook your veggies and fish to perfection. Not only does it free up space on your hob but it saves you washing tons of pans too ; bonus;...

Image of Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Grill - Black

Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Grill - Black

Got a craving for a cheesey toastie; Or a hankering for a hamburger; Weve got you sorted with this Cookworks panini grill. Its non-stick coating and built-in removable drip tray catches the oil, meaning less time cleaning, more time eating; Whether you...