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Image of Glow Stick Lab.

Glow Stick Lab.

Make awesome glow sticks that shine in cool colours under UV lights and that glow in the dark. Mix up five different glowing concoctions using the included materials and substances from around your house, and then learn why they glow; Mix your own luminescent...

Image of Musical UFO Construction Set.

Musical UFO Construction Set.

Build an electronic musical device that works like a simple theremin, an instrument in which the pitch is controlled by the movement of your hand. In this device, a light sensor inside the UFOs dome sense the changing light level as you move your hand...

Image of Trick Stick Magic Set.

Trick Stick Magic Set.

This kit uses a magic wand to show the stunning power of electrostaic energy which will inflate the included objects into 3D shapes and hold them invisibly in the air; Power up the generating wand with 2x AA Batteries and hold your own Magic show of levitating...