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Image of Culinaire Gas Lighter

Culinaire Gas Lighter

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This gas lighter is Piezo operated so requires no batteries or refills. It ignites by a spark rather than a flame, so is suitable for tasks such as lighting a gas bbq or a pilot light.

Image of Culinaire MagiCan Can Opener

Culinaire MagiCan Can Opener

Trouble opening those tight cans of juices and tinned food that you just got from the supermarket; Not anymore. The MagiCan can open any kind of cans with out any hassle. It is super easy to clean too. Made from: plastic.

Image of Culinaire One Touch Can Opener

Culinaire One Touch Can Opener

Effortlessly open your cans with this revolutionary Culinare One-Touch can opener. Simplistic in design, you easily touch to start and touch to stop, ideal for those with limited hand mobility. Automatic. Made from: plastic. Ideal for those with limited...

Image of Culinaire Stainless Steel 3 Pack Kitchen Scissors

Culinaire Stainless Steel 3 Pack Kitchen Scissors

This stainless steel range of scissors offer you a variety of cutting options in a stylish black and steel effect finish. One of the 3 pairs include a nut cracker for even more functionality. A must have basic kitchen accessory pack. 200mm kitchen scissors...