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Image of Buki Digital Metal Detector.

Buki Digital Metal Detector.

A lightweight and robust digital metal detector to find treasures. With an adjustable handle for length and a small screen and sounds to indicate when a metallic object has been found. Requires 1 x 9 Volt battery, not supplied. Suits ages 8 years +. A...

Image of Buki Electricty Workshop

Buki Electricty Workshop

Why does a saline solution conduct electricity; How does a motor work; How does a light bulb turn on; What is the difference between a series circuit and a parallel circuit; How does an alarm work; How do you make a siren; With 22 easy circuits and no...

Image of Buki Finger Prints

Buki Finger Prints

12 experiments to discover main techniques of detectives: identikit, secret messages, clues analysis. . . This set comprises glasses, magnifying glass, microscope, UV lamp and more. Instruction sheet in 6 languages. Requires 2 x LR41 batteries, included...

Image of Buki Globe Day and Night.

Buki Globe Day and Night.

A 21cm diameter globe to observe the earth during the day and the constellations at night. The globe sits on a brass frame. With 2 functions, during the day, it shows the Earth with borders, sea, mountains and cities and at night it shows the 88 constellations...

Image of Buki - Knitting Mill

Buki - Knitting Mill

An automatic knitting mill for creating 15 different trendy textile jewellery and accessories. Place the yarn in the knitting mill, turn the crank and create bracelets, snoods or necklaces out of the wool chains; The set also includes a knitting wheel...

Image of Buki Marble Run - Game.

Buki Marble Run - Game.

A marble run that you can build for hours of fun; Join corner pieces and tubes, add turnstiles, levers and wheels to build fun and unique marble runs. 80 pieces, including 10 marbles. Instruction sheet in 6 languages. Suits ages 5 years +. A marble run...

Image of Buki Microscope and 30 Experiments

Buki Microscope and 30 Experiments

A 23cm microscope with lenses, filters & 3 magnifications (x200/x600/x1200). The body & base of the microscope are metal & it features a LED light. This microscope comes with a large array of accessories that includers slides, tweezers, 4 vials, a Petri...

Image of Buki Nature Explorer.

Buki Nature Explorer.

An observation set with compass, binoculars, magnifying glass, and dynamo torch; . Which animals can be found in the mountains; Which trees have needles; Which animal makes these tracks; Find out about the techniques used to make a map, discover tips...

Image of Buki - PomPom Weaving Loom

Buki - PomPom Weaving Loom

Make cushions and pom poms with this cushions and Pom Poms weaving set that contains 12 weaving frame pieces (including corners) that will make 3 different sized weaving frames. This set also includes, 8 balls of wool (total weight 470g), bag and cushion...

Image of Buki Professional Sewing Machine.

Buki Professional Sewing Machine.

Make real clothes you can wear with your this sewing machine. Includes fabric and patterns to make a skirt, a removable collar and a scarf, and to customise a T-Shirt. Several accessories and spare needles are included. How to make the clothes and the...