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Image of Buki Air Power Set.

Buki Air Power Set.

Assemble the parts and build a vehicle powered by compressed air. Simply use the pump to fill the compressed air gauge. When the indicator is at green, the vehicle is ready to set off; Comes with an instruction sheet with colour illustrations. Size H30,...

Image of Buki Ants Mini World Set.

Buki Ants Mini World Set.

How do ants live; How do they build their tunnels; With this vivarium, that contains a nutrient gel - needed to keep the ants healthy - you can observe them close up by using the included magnifying glass. Comes with a 12 page instruction leaflet thatll...

Image of Buki Chemistry Set with 75 Experiments.

Buki Chemistry Set with 75 Experiments.

This chemistry set has 75 fun and scientific experiments you can do with everyday objects. This set comprises safety goggles, test tubes with lids, a funnel, beakers, a measuring syringe litmus paper, stirrers etc. Size H30, W8cm. (not included) plus...

Image of Buki Human Body Set.

Buki Human Body Set.

With 12 experiments that help you understand anatomy. Reveal the best-kept secrets of the human body. Discover how the organs function and test your five senses in twelve astonishing experiments. Size H30, W8cm. (not included) plus . For ages 8 years...

Image of Buki Insect Explorer.

Buki Insect Explorer.

A complete kit for experiments aimed to learn the life of insects. Comes with a magnifying glass bottle, an adapatable clamp on the magnifying glass, an observatory insect, an insect net , a pot. Suits ages 8 years +. A complete kit for experiments aimed...

Image of Buki Insects and Plants Set.

Buki Insects and Plants Set.

With 12 experiments to discover nature, insects and plants. Learn how to raise earthworms and learn all about photosynthesis. Instruction sheet with colour illustrations. With 12 experiments to discover nature, insects and plants. Learn how to raise earthworms....

Image of Buki - Knitting Set

Buki - Knitting Set

Learn to knit real fashion accessories in three progressive stages 1. Knit a scarf with your fingers. 2. Knit a pouch with needles using two colours of wool 3. Knit mittens with an original motif. Comes with a pair of wooden needles, a row counter, two...

Image of Buki Light Experiments Set.

Buki Light Experiments Set.

12 experiments that glow in the dark; Learn to make shadow figures. Learn to mix colours. Learn to make a starry sky. Learn to make a phosphorescent pendulum. Learn to make an object seemingly float in mid-air. Size H24.3, W6cm. Batteries required: 2...

Image of Buki Magnetic Experiments Set.

Buki Magnetic Experiments Set.

How do you make a magnetic sculpture; What is makes magnet attract one another; What is a magnetic field; All these questions can be answered with these 12 comprehensive experiments. Size H24.3, W6cm. (not included) plus . For ages 8 years and over. WARNING(S):...

Image of Buki Marine Monsters Set.

Buki Marine Monsters Set.

Grow artemias in three easy steps - 1. Purify the water. 2. Hatch the eggs. 3. Feed them. From birth, you can watch them spinning, swimmimg and more, thanks to the glow in the dark tanks built in magnifying glass. The artemias have a life expectancy of...