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Image of Babymoov Daily Changing Bag - Black

Babymoov Daily Changing Bag - Black

With its original shape and large capacity, the Daily bag is ideal for everyday use so you can carry all your babys essentials, with style; The bag includes: 1 x changing mat, 1 x insulated bottle cover, 1 x dummy pouch, 1 x plastic pocket, pushchair...

Image of Babymoov Dream Belt - Pink & Gold

Babymoov Dream Belt - Pink & Gold

The changing body shape of expectant mums causes lots of typical pregnancy-related problems: discomfort while sleeping, back ache, restless sleep and so on. The Babymoov Dream Belt is the only belt that makes life more comfortable for mums-to-be while...

Image of Babymoov - Easy Care Digital Green Babymonitor

Babymoov - Easy Care Digital Green Babymonitor

The Easy Care combines the performance of digital technology (its clear, zero interference) with the safety of low-emission power levels. Thanks to a low emission power of 2.99mW, your baby can sleep and grow without any risk of electromagnetic wave exposure....

Image of Babymoov - Glitter - Changing Bag - Black

Babymoov - Glitter - Changing Bag - Black

The Glitter Changing Bag has been created to be very feminine. Its so stylish it can even be used as a real handbag. Features a large changing mat, insulated bag, transparent pocket and soother pocket. Very comfortable to carry, can be attached to a stoller...

Image of Babymoov Graphik Bouncer - Peach

Babymoov Graphik Bouncer - Peach

Compact and practical, the Babymoov Graphik Bouncer folds quickly and easily; The reclining back rest can be adjusted to your babys needs and the toy arch can be adjusted to 5 different positions. The Graphik Bouncer can be used in 2 positions: fixed...

Image of Babymoov Squeezy Nightlight

Babymoov Squeezy Nightlight

Your little one will enjoy a peaceful night with the Squeezy by their side. Simply push down on the Squeezys head and it lights up, magic; Shining with a warm white glow the Squeezy gives off just the right amount of light to comfort and reassure baby...

Image of Babymoov Thermometer Hygrometer

Babymoov Thermometer Hygrometer

Do you know what the recommended temperature and humidity levels are for your babys bedroom; For baby to sleep peacefully, the temperature should be between 18 C and 20 C and humidity should be between 40% and 50%. Precise and easy to use with just 3...

Image of Babymoov YOO Feel Video Baby Monitor

Babymoov YOO Feel Video Baby Monitor

The YOO-Feel is designed for parents looking for everyday intuitiveness, style and technology. Very easy to install with its Plug & Play system, the YOO-Feel has a high quality night vision direction adjustable camera and a receiver with 3.5; high-quality...

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