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Image of Alex Colour A Flower Bag

Alex Colour A Flower Bag

Alex Toys, Colour A Flower Bag lets you create your own messenger bag and be the envy of all your friends. The bag can be as unique as you are. This Features a design with beautiful flowers, color in these shapes with the included permanent markers. Once...

Image of Alex ECO Crafts Paper Making Kit

Alex ECO Crafts Paper Making Kit

Alex Toys, Eco Crafts Paper Making Kit teaches kids the art of paper-making with this all-inclusive kit. Make paper with and without a blender and recycle your new sheets to make more; Includes a wooden frame (9in. X7.3in. ), plastic tray (9.6in. X 12.5in....

Image of Alex Friends 4Ever Scrapbook

Alex Friends 4Ever Scrapbook

Alex Toys, Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook is all about you and your BFF. Preserve your favorite moments with this 48-page (10in. X 10in. ) hardcover book and over 400 supplies; Add photos of you and your BFF to pages you decorate with colored tapes, stickers...

Image of Alex Get Crafty

Alex Get Crafty

Alex Toys Get Crafty is a giant box of fun, loaded with projects to keep little ones busy for hours. It comes with 16 fun and easy projects; Make clay pictures, silly hats, mosaic art, funny cars and lots more; Includes glue stick (1.4oz. ), 8 finger...

Image of Alex Giant Art Jar

Alex Giant Art Jar

Alex Giant Art Jar is a giant bucketful of fabulous craft. Everything you need for making collage and other paper craft. It comes with multi-colored pom-poms, glitter pom-poms, pipe cleaners, fringed crepe paper, feathers, and more. Includes 26 ABC felt...

Image of Alex Knot A Lot Kit

Alex Knot A Lot Kit

AlexToys, Knot A Lot is a 3-piece set which includes a way-too-cool hat, scarf and shoulder bag. No cutting, knitting or sewing, just knotting; This kit contains all the pre-cut fleece needed to create create and decorate all three pieces. Scarf is 5ft....

Image of Alex Learn to Dress Monkey Soft Toy.

Alex Learn to Dress Monkey Soft Toy.

Your children will learn the valuable skill of dressing themselves on their own with the (11) dressing activities. This monkey comes with a variety of clothes and even includes lace up sneakers to teach your little one how to tie their shoes. Size H40,...

Image of Alex Match & Stack

Alex Match & Stack

Alex Toys, Match and Stack are 10 colorful boxes to stack and create fun scenes; Create a farm, jungle, garden, monsters and learn to count; Can be stacked vertically, laid horizontally or nested. Boxes range in size from a 5.5in. Cube to a 1.5in. Cube....

Image of Alex My Giant Busy Box

Alex My Giant Busy Box

Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box will keep em busy; Theres 16 great projects in one giant box of fun; Mold dough animals, collage a farm and sticker art. Decorate paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures, then frame them; Includes plastic frames, animal punch...

Image of Alex Paint Porcelain Party

Alex Paint Porcelain Party

Alex toys craft paint porcelain party allows your little Crafter to make 6 porcelain gifts; Just paint and bake; paint a silver frame and add your favorite photo. Create a fabulous flower vase, design a matching tea cup and heart saucer. Colour a mug...