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ThinkCentre Tiny power cage

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Image of Marcy MWB-70500 Power Cage

Marcy MWB-70500 Power Cage

Quickly evolve with the Marcy MWB-70500 Power Cage. Strength, muscle and power can be developed through effective barbell, bodyweight and band training. Utilise the full height cage with a barbell for squats & shoulder press, then slide a bench (not included)...

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Image of Marcy SM-3551 Power Cage

Marcy SM-3551 Power Cage

Collaborate free weight, bodyweight and cable training with the Marcy SM-3551 Power Cage. Pack on muscle with squats, presses and rows from the 9-height Olympic width cage. Bodyweight movements ignite muscle growth, pull up, dip and crunch. Define your...

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Image of Steelbody by Marcy Monster Power Cage

Steelbody by Marcy Monster Power Cage

The SteelBody Monster Cage. Perform squats, presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, dips or rows up to 226kg. With the safety of the full cage peg & pipe catchers and 3 x 3 solid 14-gauge beefy steel frame. Pull up bar and multi-position angled dip handles. Resistance...

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