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Image of Challenge 3 Piece Cutting Set

Challenge 3 Piece Cutting Set

This 3 piece cutting set gives you plenty of tools to help keep your garden smart and tidy. It includes a bypass lopper, hedge shears and a bypass pruner. All three have a strong carbon steel blade making it easy to cut through most plants in your garden....

Image of Challenge 5 Piece Garden Set

Challenge 5 Piece Garden Set

Made of high quality carbon steel, this set gives you everything you need to improve the look and health of your garden. The set includes a spade, fork, rake, hoe and edger, perfect for making your garden look amazing. It is durable, strong and built...

Image of Challenge Carbon Steel Digging Fork

Challenge Carbon Steel Digging Fork

This challenge digging fork is designed for breaking up soil, aerating lawns and turning compost. It has a carbon steel blade which provides rust resistance, easy ground penetration and simple cleaning. The polypropylene handle gives you the comfort you...

Image of Challenge Carbon Steel Digging Spade

Challenge Carbon Steel Digging Spade

This Challenge carbon steel digging spade is perfect for digging soil. Made of High quality carbon steel it is durable and stong but also lightweight making it great to use for hours of gardening. Value for money. Durable & high quality. Polypropylene...

Image of Challenge Garden Axe

Challenge Garden Axe

Perfect for chopping smaller items around your home and garden. This lightweight fibreglass shaft makes it comfortable for you to use and hold for longer periods and the ergonomically forward tilting design and soft touch handle add to your ease of use....

Image of Challenge Garden Hand Shears

Challenge Garden Hand Shears

Trim your unruly bushes and have your garden looking gorgeous with these Challenge Garden Hand Shears. The Carbon steel blades will slice through your garden leaving only beauty. The PVC handles give you added comfort so you can use them for hours. Non-stick...

Image of Challenge Garden Weed Puller

Challenge Garden Weed Puller

Keep your garden free from weeds with this effortless weed puller. The carbon steel pole and handle make it strong yet lightweight. The length of the pole means you won't need to bend, kneel or pull. Carbon steel handle. 90 - 920cm. Lightweight, strong...

Image of Gardena Bypass Secateurs 8857.

Gardena Bypass Secateurs 8857.

The GARDENA Bypass Secateurs are suited for cutting flowers, young shoots and branches. Ergonomically shaped handles, adjustable in two steps and with soft components on the upper handles, provide maximum comfort when cutting. The secateurs have a practical...

Image of Gardena Bypass Secateurs 8904.

Gardena Bypass Secateurs 8904.

The GARDENA Bypass Secateurs are suited for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood. The narrow cutting head permits precise cutting and the integrated spring ensures it cannot be lost and is protected from dirt. The infinite handle width adjustment...

Image of Gardena Combi System Set

Gardena Combi System Set

Includes a 130cm FSC approved wooden handle, a 30cm rake for raking and levelling, a 3 pronged grubber for loosening and aerating and joint brush for cleaning pavement joints. PTFE coated blades for rust resistance and smooth cutting. Powder coated steel...